Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Strong Passion for Art - Featuring Bian Siyuan, Primary 6C

Siyuan was always highly engaged during our weekly art lessons. He was enthusiastic about all art forms introduced and tackled every single challenging assignment and research given with zeal. We had many conversations about art and I could sense his growing confidence as he articulated his views on art in class. It was amazing to hear the intriguing thoughts of a quiet child. Every child is an artist and we must strive to hear each voice and nurture the passion for learning art.

Throughout the terms, Siyuan compiled a portfolio of his sketches of people, landscapes, objects and even imaginative drawings. Congratulations, Siyuan, for successfully gotten the confirmed offer under the 2013 DSA-Sec Exercise to pursue visual art. 

Enjoy the visual narrative of our promising young artist :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Naval Base Secondary School: A Visual Arts Showcase

I had the privilege of joining NBSS for their Gala Show of SHINE at Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre on 5 July. It was an eye opener to be part of the school's celebration of their students' achievements in visual and performing arts. Enjoy the visual narrative of the art exhibition through my lens :)
Here's the Ceramics Exhibition by NBSS students from Ceramics Club. I could not take my eyes off the 3D press mould tiles created because of their intriguing textural surface. I had a great time interacting with two of the student-artists, Jady and Andreas. I was impressed by their knowledge and their passion for art. Enjoy the visuals :)
Some snapshots of the black-and-white photographs taken. I liked the high-key effects created and how the student-photographers captured the everyday life of the NBSS student-artists engaged in art-making.
Drawing and painting masterpieces by NBSS Secondary One art scholars. I am sure Siyuan from my Primary 6C art class would enjoy such art-making. I liked the diverse themes created by the student-artists.
Here's Vontricia sharing her art-making experiences and processes with me. I could feel her sense of pride when she described her favourite artwork - the collage. Looking forward to more works of art from you, Vontricia :)
A dialogue with Wang Rui Chen on his manga masterpieces. My favourite? The one made up of 4 canvas panels. I liked the background being a pair of eyes and how the masked face added an air of mystery to the character in the foreground. Keep doodling, Rui Chen :)
Interesting ways of portraying animals and landscapes by NBSS student-artists. Love the textural effects and the subtle humour - a flower over an elephant's head, the lollipops as horns, the butterfly wings as part of the flamingo, and more :)
The excited crowd waiting for entry into the theatre for the showcase of NBSS Performing Arts. I was totally in awe of the diverse talents showcased. The student-performers were awesome. I wish I was able to document these artistes in action at the theatre but it was dimly-lit.
Capturing the Floral Wave Helix exhibits while the other guests started their guided tour. Documenting ideas for our future batches of EDP Primary 5 pupils for their Independent Study. A shift in the way an artwork is displayed created stunning visual effects. I have picked up some invaluable tips from the unique ways the works of art were exhibited, have you :)
I could see that the invited guests were equally impressed by the art exhibits during the tour of the exhibition.
A booth for NBSS student-artists to be an artrepreneur and for others to own a piece of art. I absolutely loved the idea! Another idea worth exploring in EDP :)
A big THANK YOU to Mr Teo Song Khuang, principal of Naval Base Secondary School, for the invitation and for graciously allowing me to share the documentation on our EDP art blog. My gratitude to NBSS Senior Teachers (Art), Mrs Koh Nah Nah and Mrs Siti Anis Osman too, for their generosity in sharing about the student-artists' works of art and in providing me the guidance and advice to enhance my capacity as an art teacher. You are my inspiration :)