Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Strong Passion for Art - Featuring Bian Siyuan, Primary 6C

Siyuan was always highly engaged during our weekly art lessons. He was enthusiastic about all art forms introduced and tackled every single challenging assignment and research given with zeal. We had many conversations about art and I could sense his growing confidence as he articulated his views on art in class. It was amazing to hear the intriguing thoughts of a quiet child. Every child is an artist and we must strive to hear each voice and nurture the passion for learning art.

Throughout the terms, Siyuan compiled a portfolio of his sketches of people, landscapes, objects and even imaginative drawings. Congratulations, Siyuan, for successfully gotten the confirmed offer under the 2013 DSA-Sec Exercise to pursue visual art. 

Enjoy the visual narrative of our promising young artist :)


  1. His sketches are amazing! They look like they are in real life and the outlines are very nice.

  2. Wow his artworks are really intresting and amazing! I really love the 3D effect of the art. It must have took a lot of patients and hardwork to do this sketches. And i really like his status ' everything can be art' i agreed with him that anything can be art.
    Ng Jia Xuan 6E1

  3. His sketches are so cool. I like the things that he draw real life like the gardenia bread the outline is just so Real.
    Jie Qi

  4. His artworks are fantastic and interesting.I love the outlines of his drawing the most.They look very real too.I wish I could draw as well as him

  5. His artworks are very amazing.I wish I could draw as well as him.