Friday, 13 September 2013

A Primary One Pupil's Response to P5ECAA Exhibition - The AHA Moment!

During a conversation with Darien from Primary 1E on his response to the gallery tour conducted for his class, he blurted out that he had constructed an artwork similar to one of the P5ECAA exhibits. I asked if he would like to display his artwork in the gallery and it was a resounding, "Yes!". Then he said hesitantly that he had not painted it yet. Mmm... must an artwork be painted to be completed? 
I always believe in seizing the moment when a child is ready to lead his own learning. I shared with Darien the preparation before he could display his artwork in the gallery - writing an artist statement and setting up the display himself. I waited about 2 weeks and Darien honoured his promise. So here's our Primary 1 artist, hard at work on a Wednesday afternoon :)
It is not true that only the talented ones and those who show great potential can be an artist. I believe every child can be an artist. Curiosity, confidence and the courage to express our unique voices will transform 'IMPOSSIBLE' to 'I AM POSSIBLE'. Way to go, Darien! Thank you for taking the first brave step, for yourself, and for the many more artists among you :) 


  1. Wow! The art work of Darien's is awesome. It is quite creative to just use recycled materials.

  2. Hi Jesslynn, thank you for your comments. I am sure Darien will be thrilled with your praises. One of the best rewards in conducting gallery tour is to increase everyone's awareness and appreciation of the works of art around us and to use these artworks as a springboard to generate more ideas for art-making :)

  3. wow Darien is very creative! Darien art works were really intresting.I didnt even know that even a P1 student art work is displayed in the gallery! I dont even think that i can do this very creative artwork using recycled materials! I really look forward for more intresting artworks to be place in the art gallery!

  4. Awesome car! Is it really a car, Darien?

    Hong Kai Zheng (P1E)

  5. Darien your car or is it looks cool Well done
    Jie Qi