Monday, 9 September 2013

Gallery Tour for Our Primary 2 Pupils

5C pupils conducted the gallery tour for our Primary Two pupils. We met up quite often, upon their insistence, to discuss what went well during the tour and the roles they played. I was often interested to draw out their responses towards the younger ones' observations and questions. My feedback was to help them be more aware of how they feel and how they express themselves through the works of art. Passion cannot be faked. Sometimes, we also discussed how photo documentation could be taken from other angles to capture the interactions, the curiosity and the unexpected moments :)
Here's Ms Salina and her 2A pupils. It was definitely an enriching experience for the children to have a gungho teacher who shared her own ideas with them, where an art teacher played the role of an artist and curator. Enjoy :) 
Gallery tour for Madam Dawn Yeo and her 2B pupils :)
Gallery tour for Mrs Tan Yee Min and her 2C pupils :)
Gallery tour for Mrs Katherine Lam and her 2E pupils :)
Gallery tour for Ms Tok Chai Leng and her 2G pupils :)
A big THANK YOU to all the above teachers for agreeing to accompany the children for the gallery tour when their art periods were occupied by vendor-run programme :)


  1. Wow looks like the P2 pupils enjoy the gallery tour! All thanks to 5C pupils for conducting the tour! I can see that the P2 pupils were very engrossed in the artworks!

    Ng Jia Xuan 5E

  2. It is quite interesting to have gallery tour with the primary 2 students as they usually ask questions of what they see and some of them are quite challenging.

  3. Hi Jia Xuan, thank you for leaving so many comments for other Primary 5 student-artists and here too. I always believe that everyone has a lively curiosity about things around us, even our young ones. Our EDP children are really inquisitive and eager to learn about art.
    Jesslynn, thank you for conducting the tour with your classmates while managing your studies well. I am sure conducting gallery tour has widened your appreciation of art-making and the works of art. I am curious about the questions our P2 pupils had asked and how challenging they were to you all. Do share with us and we can all benefit from their curiosity :)