Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gallery Tour for Our Primary 1 Pupils

After the official opening of the art gallery, the art department planned a gallery tour for all our pupils. We hope to enhance our pupils' appreciation of fellow student-artists' works of art and to use this visual space and exhibits to encourage our young ones to interact and make connections with one another through art. Here's some curious children who I had invited when I saw them lingering outside the gallery while I was preparing for the tour. A great opportunity to observe their responses towards the artworks and to engage them in dialogues about art :)
This year, six of our Primary 5C student-artists volunteered to lead the gallery tour, to interact with the children and share their art-making experiences with them. I gave a silent thank. I am really proud of Allyn, Chrissie, Glendon, Jemima, Jennifer and Jesslynn for taking the bold step into the unchartered frontier. Most of the photo documentation of all the gallery tour were captured by these student-artists. One must never underestimate the potential of our children. Here's 5C pupils learning the ropes of managing gallery space and positioning the artworks for viewing :)
Gallery Tour for Mrs Adriel Ow Yong and her 1C pupils :)
Gallery Tour for Ms Asyhikin and her 1D pupils :)
           Gallery Tour for Madam Chia and her 1F pupils :)


  1. Dear Mdm Gan,
    thank you for giving us the opportunity to have the gallery tour. It makes me more confident and able to speak well. I really look forward to another gallery tour.

    1. Hi Jesslynn, I am the one who is thankful to have all of you volunteered to conduct gallery tour for your fellow schoolmates while juggling your studies. I have always believed that even the quietest child in class has a voice and the desire to express his/her personal views. I am happy to hear yours and am glad that your confidence has been boosted through art. Continue to be yourself and let your voice be heard :)

  2. Dear Mdm Gan,
    Thank you for putting our artwork in the gallery! Even though i didnt participate in the gallery tour but im still happy to see my artworks being display in the art gallery! I hope the P1 pupils and other pupils enjoy the artworks in the gallery! Hope to have more of my artwork and other people artwork being displayed in the gallery!

    Ng Jia Xuan 5E

  3. Hi Jia Xuan, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I am delighted with all the artworks displayed too. These works of art will definitely arouse interest and generate conversations about art. Continue to learn art and pass it on. I look forward to you volunteering to lead gallery tours for the younger ones with your peers in future. Hope to hear you share your comments about your artworks in this blog and share what inspired you, what new discoveries you have learnt, and more :)