Sunday, 25 August 2013

2013 'Primary 5 ECAA' Exhibition: Ice-Cream Sticks Structures [Primary 5E]

A challenging task of creating ice-cream structures together provided 5E pupils the opportunity to collaborate with one another and engage in purposeful learning :)
The initial attempts by the pupils, without glue! See how the children tackled the task by stacking and overlapping the ice-cream sticks :)
Presenting the 'Ice-Cream Stick Structures' created by Primary 5E student-artists for the P5ECAA exhibition!
Continue to appreciate art and keep on exploring and experimenting to make new discoveries and find your voices :)


  1. Wow! It must have have taken real teamwork spirits to do it as a group.

  2. Yes, Jesslynn! The stunning works of art were the results of rich interactions among 5E pupils to generate possibilities, many unsuccessful attempts, numerous explorations and experimentation. Together Everyone Achieves More :)

  3. Wow i didnt know our class has intresting structures! Without teamwork we wont be able to complete the structures in a group!

    Ng Jia Xuan 5E