Tuesday, 13 August 2013

2013 'Primary 5 ECAA' Exhibition: Ice-Cream Sticks Structures [Primary 5C]

One of the challenging tasks posed to the Primary Five pupils was for them to create interesting structures using the ice-cream sticks given, without the aid of glue! Watch how these children overcome their initial frustrations and helplessness to create amazing works of art :)
It is delightful to watch the pupils exchange views on their trials and errors, and generating new ideas. Without realising it, the children struck up many conversations and collaborated with one another to create the ice-cream stick structures. Perhaps, it had dawned on them that Together Everyone Achieve More :)
Creativity takes time and the 'never-give-up' attitude :)
Some children prefer to work on the floor :)
Ice-cream structures without glue :)
Presenting 'Ice-Cream Stick Structures' created by Primary 5C student-artists... These artworks were works-in-progress displayed in our art gallery. I hope that these children would continue to construct, deconstruct and/or reconstruct them to produce another series of art. Take time to appreciate the artworks taken from different angles :)
Keep up the 'Can-Do' spirit, 5C :)


  1. As one of the students in class 5C, I think we did a great job in this project. Together, I believe we can create more designs of Ice-Cream Stick Sculpture and be more Innovative!

  2. Hi Glendon, I totally agree that all of you have created stunning structures using the ice-cream sticks! I hope that many of you will continue to explore and experiment and create more works of art. Do pen down the thinking processes and feelings about the art-making experiences in the art journals. Thank you, Glendon, for proposing to lead a team of your peers to conduct the interactive demonstration for the guests during the opening of our art gallery. I could see that many of them tackled the challenge of creating an ice-cream structure without using glue with great enthusiasm. Kudos to you, Allyn, Jemima, Jennifer, Jesslynn and Chrissie for being such great advocates of art education in Endeavour Primary :)

  3. Wow we did such a great job for all our artworks and i know that we can do much better art! Go 5C :)

  4. I love your confidence, Sherlyn. I am stunned by the works of art created too. Keep the passion in art and pass it on :)

  5. Wow 5C is very creative for coming up such a idea where u do not need glue to make a structure! Their structures were also very creative it males people very engross in it!

    Ng Jia Xuan 5E

  6. 5C are making things that are out of the box! All of their artworks are looking so cool>