Saturday, 24 August 2013

2013 'Primary 5 ECAA' Exhibition: Ice-Cream Sticks Structures [Primary 5D]

Assigning the task of creating an ice-cream structure without the use of glue allowed the pupils to engage in rich interaction and pool one another's ideas together to overcome the challenge. Here's the snippets of their exploration and experimentation with ice-cream sticks :)
Not having glue 'forced' the pupils to explore different ways to create structures instead of merely creating structures. They also spent more time pondering through how structures could be created without glue as 'support'. I believe the constraint enriched their thinking and allowed them to make new discoveries. Take a look at 5D pupils' amazing creations! 
After the initial exploration and experimentation, the pupils were visibly more confident and engaged. Here's the documentation of 5D pupils busy creating the works of art they wished to display in the gallery.
Presenting the 'Ice-Cream Stick Structures' created by Primary 5D student-artists! These were displayed in the art gallery during P5ECAA exhibition this term. Their artworks were documented from various perspectives to sharpen their observational skills, to see what they did not usually notice :)
Coloured ice-cream sticks were purchased by the pupils to add another attractive element to their works.
Teaching less is really a great way for pupils to learn more - through generating ideas; risk-taking; observing others at work and making new discoveries; and finally, finding their own voices :)

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