Sunday, 4 August 2013

Launch of Endeavour Art Gallery - Part 3

After the gallery tour, our guests proceeded to AVA room for a showcase of our art curriculum, a glimpse into the Print Making module (Primary 1 to 4) and art processes involved in our Primary 5 Independent Study. Here, our student-artists engaged the guests in art-making activities and dialogues, similar to those in their art classrooms. Enjoy :)

Our 2F student-artists, Xuan Yi and Aufa, shared the printmaking techniques they have learnt in Primary 1 and 2 - monotype printing, relief printing and collagraphy with Mr Low. It was a joy listening to the rich interaction :)
Naveed (2F), Xiang Yun and Brandon (4D) shared with the guests the processes involved in Primary 3 paper-cutting and relief printing for Primary 4. I am heartened by their confidence and eagerness to engage our guests in conversations about art.
I strongly believe in providing opportunities for our children's voices to be heard. Through the live demonstrations, the children could share their own interpretations of the art lessons and exchange their views and art-making processes with others. I hope they would always value the power of their own voice and appreciate those of others. 
Here, our 2F student-artists shared how to etch patterns on foam boards and create relief prints from the plates. I was delighted to see the artist in us come alive as we engaged in the art-making processes and conversations :)
The foam plates with an array of etched marks :)
Next, our Primary 5 student-artists (Afiq, Gabriel, Nayli & Sameer) demonstrated how they transformed an ordinary piece of black paper into an interesting work of art, an extension of the paper-cutting techniques they learnt in Primary 3. I find paper-cutting useful in developing the children's fine psycho-motor skills and a versatile way to promote freedom of expression.
The final demonstration was the challenge of building an ice-cream structure without glue. I could see that Allyn, Chrissie,   Jemima, Jennifer, Jesslyn and Glendon enjoying themselves. These Primary 5 student-artists were amused when some guests struggled with the task. Glendon shared that he felt like 'an expert'. Empowering these student-artists to lead was a great booster to their confidence!
On this day of the opening of Endeavour Art Gallery, we reconnected with old friends and made new ones; deepened our bond with fellow art educators and parents; most importantly, provided a platform for rich interaction between our student-artists and others. I am thankful to everyone who made this journey an enriching one for us and our pupils. I hope it had been a meaningful one for our guests too.
A well-deserved break :)


  1. thank you mdm Gan for giving me a chance to participate in this event.I had a enjoyable time there.I would like to participate again!!!

    by xiang yun

  2. It was a pleasure listening to your interaction with the guests about Primary 4 relief printing, Xiang Yun. Your sharing on the printmaking processes aroused a lot of interest. I will be posting the positive feedback from our guests soon. Look out for them. I would love to have all of you as the art ambassadors again. Continue to find joy in learning art :)

  3. It was a great experience!

  4. Very delighted to hear from you, Edrea. I could see you enjoy yourself talking to the guests and other children. You looked very confident when you shared the art-making ideas on relief printing for Primary 2. I am proud of you. Continue to see, express and appreciate :)