Sunday, 28 July 2013

Launch of Endeavour Art Gallery - Part 2

Welcome to EDP 'Primary Five Every Child An Artist' Exhibition! For the past few months, all Primary 5 pupils had embarked on an Independent Study where they explored & experimented with different media and materials; interacted with one another to generate ideas; and finally, expressed their feelings and thoughts through their works of art. Enjoy :)
Coming up next are the artworks of my 5C, 5D and 5E pupils. This was the first time these student-artists shared their thought processes and personal art-making experiences publicly. I could sense their pride and excitement as they shared their journey in learning art. EDP has provided an invaluable visual space for our young ones :)
More snapshots of Primary 5 pupils' works of art and the interaction :)

The interactive 'Doodle Me' space lured out the artist in our children and those young at heart :)
Another popular platform for enriching conversation - the 3D artworks. I really like the way our guests listened to our student-artists' art-making techniques/processes and exchanged ideas with them to further develop their original art ideas  :)
The interaction among EDP staff, fellow art educators, MOE personnel and parents :)
The visual art space was a wonderful platform for fellow art educators to exchange good teaching practices. It was a privilege to share with our visitors my documentation of the pupils' artworks and using them as educational posters to arouse interest and spark conversations about art among other pupils.


  1. I would love to do it again if I have the chance!!! It was so fun!!!

  2. I really have so much fun interacting with the guests as this makes me more confident in the things that I do. Thank you Mdm Gan for giving us this opportunity.

  3. Thank you, Chrissie, Jennifer and Jesslynn, for the wonderful time that day. I am moved by the enthusiasm and confidence shown by all of you - be it being the master of ceremony for the day; the rich interaction with the guests; exchange of art-making ideas, etc. Most importantly, I think all of you remembered to have fun and shared the good time with your peers. It has been a memorable experience and I am grateful for your presence. Continue to be you :)

  4. It was a great day ever!I enjoyed it so much.I would like to participate again