Sunday, 21 July 2013

Exploring and Experimenting with Acrylic Paint & White Glue - Primary 5E

Our 1st project was also the exploration and experimentation of acrylic paint and white glue. Pupils shared their observations about acrylic paint and what the purpose of white glue was. They were asked to think about how the acrylic paint changed when it became dry (rubbery, stretchable like a rubber band).  The pupils were then challenged to explore how white glue could be more than just sticking stuff together. Here's the investigation, play and interaction as 5E pupils explored the possibilities created by swirling the acrylic paint and glue mixture randomly. 
Those who were satisfied with their designs ( transferred from transparencies to paper) dried their artworks outdoor. Here, they had to think of the floor space as a visual space for display and figured out how best to arrange the artworks. It took much restraint for me, not to step in to 'teach', to allow self-directed learning to take place. The drying of the artworks gradually gives way to rich interactions among the pupils and everyone helping one another. In the process, I am certain they would have each derived at their own perception of what a pleasing visual space is. That is most invaluable - our voices :)
Here's the textural effects created by 5E pupils. I am totally awed by the beauty :)
The discussion centred on the textural effects created and the idea of 'seeing what others don't see'. Pupils talked about what could be transformed from their textural designs. 
Their imagination unleashed :)
The unexpected...

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