Saturday, 13 July 2013

Exploring and Experimenting with Acrylic Paint & White Glue - Primary 5C

I believe that every child is an artist and that every voice matters. For these voices to surface, there is a need to build a culture of curiosity, cooperation and confidence. The element of fun and novelty is a crucial factor too. Our 1st project was to explore and experiment with what could be created with acrylic paint and glue. The initial confused faces and mumbled 'how to paint without a brush + glue is for sticking, what else!' were amusing. 
Here's some snippets from the lessons. 
Below were the intriguing patterns created by transferring the randomly-created designs from transparencies onto drawing papers. Perhaps, randomness can sometimes be WOW! The results of less conscious and less deliberate art-making...
Pupils recreated works of art from the random patterns in their art journals.   
Beginning with no end in mind can be so liberating :)

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  1. Wow looks like 5C had fun playing with paint! Their artworks were very creative! They put in a lot of effort in it!

    Ng Jia Xuan 5E