Sunday, 14 July 2013

Exploring and Experimenting with Acrylic Paint & White Glue - Primary 5D

5D pupils explored and experimented using acrylic paint and white glue to create interesting textural effects. This was done by first layering the acrylic glue with white glue & swirling the mixture randomly. The mixture were then transferred onto drawing papers. The pupils were visibly delighted with the awesome textures created. Some took their initiatives to do several print transfers. Upon questioning, these children shared their observations that the paint & glue mixture was thick enough for several transfers while others commented that each print was different from the others. The joy of making new discoveries :)

I have always been fascinated with random mark-makings on surfaces using different media and objects. These textural effects created by the pupils were stunning. I highlighted the importance of 'seeing what others don't see' by leading pupils to share about unique effects they observed in the prints. I find this useful to sharpen their 'seeing' ability and sensitivity towards artworks.
Here's some snapshots of the pupils transforming the textural effects into their own masterpieces. Children really have an imaginative mind! With empowerment and encouragement, hear their voices revealed through their works of art :)
During the art-making processes, some pupils realised that their mixed paint & glue was stuck onto the drawing papers when they left them together for a longer period of time. I shared with the children, through my photo documentation of different perspectives of the mistakes below, that these mistakes made could be new discoveries too, interesting textural effects in fact! 
I am having a great time learning with and from these student-artists about art. I hope they have enjoyed themselves too.


  1. Very impressive and nice artworks! Keep it up! :)

  2. Great to have spoken to you at the PSESE exhibition last week, Shirley. Thank you for your encouraging words.
    [Shirley is a teacher from Ang Mo Kio Primary School, beginning on her journey as an art educator.]