Thursday, 8 August 2013

2013 'Primary 5 Every Child An Artist' Exhibition: Paper-Cutting [Primary 5C]

To hone the pupils' fine psycho-motor skills and to encourage them to explore how an ordinary piece of paper could be transformed into a stunning print, we spent some time experimenting and talking about how different ways of cutting and presenting the cut-outs (symmetrical or otherwise) changed the prints created. Here, the pupils were engrossed in art-making, with some taking the initiatives to conduct mini-demonstrations for their peers. Enjoy :)
The results after several rounds of practice :)
After several weeks of paper-cutting, 5C pupils were ready to present their cut-out prints on the 18" x 24" canvas panels. The final round of paper-cutting...
Presenting the works of art by Primary 5C student-artists for the 'Primary 5 Every Child An Artist' Exhibition held in Endeavour Art Gallery.


  1. Its so unbelievable that our class could do such cool and excellent work! I was so proud to be a student of 5C presenting this!

  2. I am very proud of all of you too, Valencia. Hope to see your new ideas soon :)