Friday, 13 September 2013

Gallery Tour for Our Primary 5 and 6 Pupils

Gallery Tour by Ms Asyhikin, for her 5B pupils :)
     Gallery Tour by Ms Sakinah, for her 6A pupils. This is the first time 5C student-artists facilitated a gallery tour for the older ones :)
I had the opportunity to join Mr Kamsari on the gallery tour that he was conducting for his 6E pupils. I was impressed by his way of leading the tour, or rather, not leading it. 6E pupils spent several minutes buzzing about their observations before Mr Kamsari engaged them in a conversation about their responses towards the works of art. I particularly liked one pupil's response when asked which one was his favourite, "The blank one". Mr Kamsari did not bat an eyelid even when some pupils started kidding the child for his unconventional response. Instead, he waited for the child to justify his response. I was very proud of the child when he said the blank one would allow him to produce his own artwork and a better one than those displayed. An open-minded teacher like Mr Kamsari must have been a contributing factor to his confidence too :)
I really enjoyed documenting the gallery tour of 6E pupils with their art teacher. I took this batch of pupils last year and they were the pioneer ones to have their P5ECAA exhibition in the gallery. It is gratifying to hear them express their views about art so spontaneously and so uniquely theirs. Indeed, every child is an artist :)

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  1. It is a little tough having a gallery tour for primary 6 but lucky not all were naughty. This also gives opportunity for 5B present their own art work.